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                   Classroom Management

                                     Understanding Why

Students not only need to know your boundaries but also your reasons for having them. For example, consider a young child who is running around a large foyer area. A father might call the child over and instruct the child to stop running. If the child was to do it again that child would be in big trouble. What happens the next time though when that child is in the foyer with friends and his father is not around? The child would probably still run around. If the father however, had explained to the child that running around presents a danger to other people such as older adults or younger children then the child would be less likely to do it in future. This is because the child understands the father's reasoning for the instruction.


A person who understands why something has been put in place is far more likely to respond in an appropriate manner, especially when they have been told in advance. A teacher gets rid of inconsistency and unfairness in their classroom when a student already knows what will happen if they don't meet a given expectation. A well controlled class will only occur as a teacher consistently follows a set pattern of responses each and every day to behavioral issues that they have prepared for in advance.


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