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                   Classroom Management

                            Teaching Style and Boundaries

An important consideration when developing a 'Plan of Action' is to make sure that it complements your own teaching style. The way a person teaches should be a reflection of who they are and what they feel comfortable with. Some teachers like the authoritarian approach where they set the rules. Others like a very relaxed tone to the classroom and can't function unless a hive of activity is going on around about them. There are still others who want to work in partnership with the students. Regardless of which style a person adopts they will be in trouble in terms of managing a class if they do not have a plan they are prepared to follow.


In relation to managing a class it is absolutely vital that boundaries based on your expectations are established right from the start. One of the most common mistakes is for a teacher to take a class and think there is no need for boundaries. Students often behave well to begin with but eventually they push you harder and harder until they know what you want or find out what you are prepared to put up with.                 [Three possible ways of setting up your boundaries]


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