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                                 Practically Developing a 'Plan of Action'

In order to practically develop a 'Plan of Action' teachers will need to download the PDF file below and start working through the document, giving consideration to each of the areas listed. You should aim for at least three to four steps in your strategies for dealing with each area. Remember each step should increase in significance. Include also the reasons why an area needs to be addressed.  I have provided an example of one area below to give you an understanding of what is required.

Plan of Action - PDF Document


Area Strategies (Steps to be followed) Reasons (Why)

1.    The student makes up the time at recess, lunchtime or the end of the day (1st time late).

2.    A letter in the students diary to the parents plus still making up the time (2nd time late). Parents are also informed of the next step in the plan. 

3.   The student should still make up the time, as well as receive an appropriate school controlled discipline such as a detention.

Note: Record keeping of lateness is essential.

(If a student has a note outlining a reasonable excuse from a parent or teacher then the lateness can be excused)


Punctuality is required so that you can make the most effective use of class time. There is nothing worse than making a start to the lesson and having students arrive late, interrupt you and then having to repeat yourself for their benefit. It also provides a source of distraction for those students who were on time.    


By working through this material it is possible for a teacher to complete the whole process of developing their own 'Plan of Action'.

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