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                     Most Teachers Have Been  Well Trained

Most teachers have, through their university studies, been well trained in terms of the content they will need to teach. However, it has been my finding that far less time has been invested in how to manage the classroom so that the material can be taught in an appropriate and effective manner. In other words many teachers will spend a lot of time planning their class in terms of the material to be taught but very little time will be spent on developing a plan for how they will manage the class. The best planned class in terms of content can end up being one of the worst classes taught purely because the students were out of control.


Most trainee teachers are hopeful the first time they enter the classroom. That is, they hope that the students will respond to them well. They have no idea as to how to achieve the learning environment that they want and therefore tend to take a reactive approach to teaching. This basically means that they respond to situations as they arise and deal with them as they see fit at the time. This can lead to inconsistent teaching where you deal differently with students, depending on who they are and how you feel at the time.


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