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             Examples of Areas Teachers are Confronted With

The ‘Plan of Action’, as already stated, is a tool designed to deal with specific areas that a teacher will be confronted with in the classroom. Below I have listed ten classroom areas that a ‘Plan of Action’ needs to deal with appropriate for Year 7 and 8 students (Ages 12-14). The areas covered are generally common areas that teachers do have to address but are by no means exhaustive.

1) Arriving on time: If students arrive late what do you do?

2) Lining up: If students are noisy and rowdy outside the classroom what do you do?

3) Entering quietly: How do you deal with students coming in and banging their books down?

4) Listening to the teacher (vice versa): What do you do if students are not listening to you?

5) Raising hands to answer questions : How do you deal with calling out?

6) Appealing: How can the student dispute a correction given if you were wrong?

7) Keeping the chair on the ground: How do you deal with students swinging on chairs?

8) Leaving your seat: How do you deal with students out of their seats?

9) Completing homework : What do you do if a student doesn't complete their homework?

10) Obeying instructions: How do you deal with a student who refuses to obey an instruction?

For each of these areas the teacher not only needs to know what they will do the first time but also the second and third time. Each new step in the 'Plan of Action' needs to become more significant than the previous step in order for it to be effective. There is nothing worse than the threatening repeating teacher. This person for example asks a student to stop talking. They then ask the student to stop talking again and then continue the same pattern with the only thing changing being the level of their voice. The teacher becomes more and more frustrated and finally loses it and sends the student out. This is a very dangerous path to go down because you normally lose all credibility in the classroom.

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