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                      Tarakota Crystal Ice (Crystal)

                                                       Sire Iamgoldn Fair Dinkum (Clancy)  Dam Tarakota Sandy Ridge (Sandy)

                                                                                                (March 21 2010)



Achievements: Surviving our kids cuddles

Pedigree of " Crystal"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Iamgoldn Fair Dinkum (Clancy)     


Ch Montego The Swagman


Ch Montego Phantom Opera
Ch Goldtreve Camrose Belle 
Pelliken Love me Do  Ch Kerrilise Gold Gangster
 Lacbord Golden Applause


 Tarakota Sandy Ridge (Sandy)


 Dorehytes Rag Time (Kotie)  Emlyngold Pure Luck
 Dorehytes Shady Lady
 Tarakota Tidal Ebb (Ebby)  Crowlee Flying Scotsman
 Waltaview Stormy Weather (Tara)



                     Tarakota Sandy Ridge (Sandy)

                                                             Sire Dorehytes Rag Time (Kotie)  Dam Tarakota Tidal Ebb (Ebby)
                                                                   Hip Scores 5/2 Elbows 0/0 Current clear eye certificate


Resident Dog at Retirement Home

Pedigree of " Tarakota Sandy Ridge"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Dorehytes Rag Time (Kotie)      



 Emlyngold Pure Luck

 Ch Alubyc Tullymorgan
 Alubyc FromRussiaWithLove
 Dorehytes Shady Lady  Crowlee Masterpiece
 Crowlee Alexandria C.D.X.


 Tarakota Tidal Ebb (Ebby)


 Crowlee Flying Scotsman  Crowlee Top Secret
 Crowlee Piping Hot
 Waltaview Stormy Weather (Tara)  Waltaview Audacious Lord
 Waltaview Golden Dawn



                        Tarakota Tidal Ebb (Ebby)

                                                Sire Crowlee Flying Scotsman (Lister)  Dam Walterview Stormy Weather (Tara)
                                                                1/8/2005 Hip Scores 4/3 & Current clear eye certificate




Achievements: Kalani's Pet

Pedigree of " Tarakota Tidal Ebb (Ebby) "

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Crowlee Flying Scotsman (Lister)      



 Crowlee Top Secret

 Ch Emlyngold Welcome Stranger
 Ch Scanandamble Tutcha Class
 Crowlee Piping Hot  Summergold Skyes Limit CDX
 Ch Alubyc Kiss anda Promise


 Walterview Stormy Weather (Tara)


 Waltaview Audacious Lord  Tahmero Pips Audacity
 Waltaview My Girl
 Waltaview Golden Dawn  Scanandamble High Lander
 Scanandamble Queens Walk



Waltaview Stormy Weather (Tara)
                Sire Waltaview Audacious Lord  Dam Walterview Golden Dawn
                   31/08/2000 Hip Scores 4/3 & Current clear eye certificate


Achievements: Wonderful Companion

Pedigree of " Waltaview Stormy Weather (Tara)"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Waltaview Audacious Lord      


 Tahmero Pips Audacity

 Ch. Eng. Sh. Ch. Tasvane Charles Henry (imp U.K.)
 Ch. Cambronze Pippa (A.I.)
 Waltaview My Girl  Ch. Goldog Alpine Nicholas
 Scanandamble Cover Girl


 Walterview Golden Dawn

 Scanandamble High Lander  Goldtreve Gamekeeper
 Crowlee Twilight
 Scanandamble Queens Walk  Alubyc Tribal Drums
 Scanandamble Aphrodite



   Crowlee Gold Brocade (Nikita)
                       Sire Adwhip Perfect Gold  Dam Crowlee Lock Em Up



Advanced certificate in Obedience

Pedigree of " Crowlee Gold Brocade (Nikita)"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Adwhip Perfect Gold      


 Alubyc Tribal Drums

 Ch. Alubyc Tullymorgan
 Ch. Dullassam Designer Label
 Adwhip Alchera Lass  Dullassam Lockupydauters
 Crowlee GingerMeg


 Crowlee Lock Em Up

 Dullassam Lockupydauters  Ch. Alubyc SS Enterprise
 Dullingham Lass
 Misergold Mitsubishi  Ch. Alubyc Tullymorgan
 Misergold Enterprise



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